Kobelco Excavators

The control valves are carefully adjusted to precisely regulate hydraulic flow when attachments begin moving, providing the operator with smooth, pinpoint control.

The combination of a large capacity fuel tank and best in class fuel efficiency delivers an impressive increase in continuous operating hours.

Coil springs absorb small vibrations, and high suspension mounts filled with silicone oil reduce heavy vibration. This ensures ultimate low vibration when traveling and digging.

Clamp arms have been designed for a tighter grip around objects for a variety of tasks. Different types of grips and teeth are useful for cutting, bending and folding.

Kobelco make outstanding excavators

Recognised around the world as Number One in Fuel Efficiency. Find out why Kobelco will save you money on fuel running costs.

GATA Sales is an Authorised Dealer of Kobelco Equipment.

Over 80 years of history and technical expertise

Kobelco has over 80 years of experience developing pioneering technology with the support of the Kobe Steel Group. Our excavators are fuel efficient, powerful, safe and comfortable and are highly appreciated by customers.

Fast and flexible Kobelco Finance available

Kobelco Finance is easy and available to apply for through our experienced dealer network.

Nationwide dealer support network

Experienced dealer network of excavator specialists have a commitment to provide customers with excellent service and support.

Exclusive Low noise iNDr Cooling System

The Kobelco revolutionary Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System delivers ultra-low noise during operation. The filter effectively removes dust particles which helps the cooling unit maintain the ideal heat balance.