Kobelco Recycling Excavators

Innovative clamp arm

Clamp arms have been designed for a tighter grip around objects for a variety of tasks. Different types of grips and teeth are useful for cutting, bending and folding.

Short rear swing ideal for tight spaces

The short rear swing is ideal for working in tight spaces due to the rear corner of the upper frame designed so it does not project beyond the crawler width when swinging.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Hydraulic system reduces energy loss and a common-rail electronically controlled engine, keeps fuel consumption low while boosting work volume.

Cab guards installed to enhance safety

Strong and reliable cab design with guards on upper and lower front windows as well as a steel sheet cover for the skylight. This ensures all round protection from falling or flying debris during operation.

Spacious and comfortable elevating cab

Cab provides operators with plenty of space and unobstructed views and other features for comfort. Elevating cab travels smoothly and rises to full height within 20 seconds.